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Breakfast seminar: Government crisis in Germany. What’s next?

Breakfast seminar: Government crisis in Germany. What can the Social Democrats do?


The German Social Democratic Party, SPD, is holding its federal party convent in Berlin (7th-9th of December). Christian Krell, director of the German foundation FES Nordic Countries, reports from the congress and the political situation in Germany.

What is the situation of the German Social Democracy after the September elections? On the first day of the SPD convent, the delegates approved a leading motion to allow the party leadership to begin open-ended talks with Angela Merkel and her Christian-Democratic union (CDU/CSU). With what questions and what priorities are the SPD leaders going to enter the meetings? What happens next? What are the different options?

Christian Krell gives his perspective on how the result of the latest federal election in Germany can be interpreted. After the election, Merkel’s CDU/CSU, the Greens and the Liberals (FDP) started to negotiate a possible government coalition, after the SPD – in reaction to its historical defeat – had already on election day declared not to be willing to agree on another Grand Coalition with CDU/CSU.
However, the so-called ‘Jamaica’ negotiations did surprisingly collapse two weeks ago. This now puts massive pressure on the Social Democrats to consider once again another Grand coalition with CDU/CSU - even though this coalition experienced a huge drop in voter support in the September election.
Based on that, it is not only the SPD which is struggling in the fall of 2017. Angela Merkel is now increasingly questioned in CDU, and in CDU's Bavarian sister party CSU, a conflict has erupted between the party's chairman and prime minister of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, and his challenger Markus Söder.

In this breakfast seminar we will analyse the current situation and explain what the options of the Social Democrats are.

Confirmed speakers:
Dr. Christian Krell, head of FES Nordic Countries
Moderator: Dr. Lisa Pelling, political scientist and chief analyst of the think tank Arena Idé

The seminar is arranged in cooperation between Arena Idé and FES Nordic Countries.

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