Breakfast Seminar: “It’s the economy, stupid”. Economic policy perspectives in Germany in the election year 2017

Germany is heading for election in September this year. What stakeholders around Europe and rest of the world are wondering is what economic policies we can expect from Europe´s largest economy in the future?

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Currently governed by a grand coalition between the conservatives and the social democrats, Germany has enjoyed a stable economic growth and an equal stable political governing during the current election period. However, the question arises how much room there will be left for progressive economic policies in Germany in the future? Will austerity prevail? Or is there any hope for more investment?

Join us in our breakfast seminar to discuss what economic alternatives the German parties proposes for the future, and what this could mean for Sweden and the rest of the EU?


Confirmed speakers:

Prof. Dr. Gustav A. Horn, Research Director at the Macroeconomic Policy Institute IMK, which is an institute of the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung in Germany

Moderator: Dr. Christian Krell, head of FES Nordic Countries


Time and place:

May 3rd, 2017 at 08.30-09.30

Västmannagatan 4

Breakfast will be available from 08.15


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