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Refugee Migration – A Crossroad for the Nordic model?

In cooperation with "Migrationspolitiska föreningen i S"

The dramatic increase in refugee immigration to the Nordic countries during 2015 has drawn considerable attention to the potential consequences this will have for the Nordic labour and welfare model. It raises many questions. How much pressure will the refugee flow place on the sustainability of the welfare state? Will we be able to properly settle all the refugees? How will labour markets deal with the increased flow of employees, particularly in those areas of the labour market that are least regulated and with the lowest qualification requirements?


  • Dr. Christian Krell, Director Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Nordic Countries
  • Anne-Britt Djuve, Research Director Fafo Research Institute
  • Åsa Odin Ekman, Senior Research Officer Integration, Migration and Youth Affairs at TCO Sweden 
  • Karin Ekenger, Labour Market Expert Svenskt Näringsliv
  • Maja Dahl, Head of Communications Arena Idé (Moderator)

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