Tuesday, 02.05.17 - ABF Stockholm

Now with further participants: How do we form progressive Free Trade Agreements?

TTIP and CETA were free trade agreements which were discussed and criticized heavily, often from trade unions and the left. What are the problems with those? And how could progressive free trade agreements look like?

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After Work Seminar: How do we form progressive Free Trade Agreements?

2nd May, 18-19:30h, ABF Stockholm, Sandlersalen

The „Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership“ (TTIP) and the free trade agreement between Canada and the EU – CETA – placed discussions on conditions, consequences but also possibilities and advantages of free trade agreements in the 21st century in the center of political and public debate once again. In Continental Europe, mostly in Germany, debates between opponents and supporters of TTIP and CETA have been vigorous. While Trade Unions and political parties of the Center-Left in Europe are mostly critical, Swedish trade unions and parties are more positive.

But the discussions should not stay at a level of details and purely economic aspects. There are far more fundamental issues to be concerned about: What are basic requirements of progressive free trade agreements? Do they need certain specific framework conditions? Which content seems to be appropriate to be covered by free trade agreements? And how do we secure that also workers profit from transnational free trade agreements?

These questions frame the public seminar “How do we form progressive Free Trade Agreements?"


Some food will be served before the seminar.



Gustav Horn, Research Director IMK Germany

Li Eriksdotter Andersson, Activist and freelance lecturer on free trade agreements

Stefan de Vylder, Post-Keynesian Network


Moderator: Christian Krell, Director FES Nordic Countries


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