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Tuesday, 07.05.19 - Arenagruppen, Barnhusgatan 4 | Event, News

Concerns and Expectations – Swedes' feelings and thoughts on Europe

In 2017 and late 2018, the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation together with the opinion research institute Policy Matters conducted representative surveys in...

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Saturday, 23.03.19 - Helsinki Music Center, Kansalaistori 2G, Helsinki | Event

Progressive Answers to Populism

What gives rise to right-wing populism? How has it affected our political reality, and how can we fight it? These questions among others will be...

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Saturday, 24.11.18 - Sandlersalen, ABF-huset | Event, News

Is Sweden in Danger in Turning into SD’s Role Model Hungary?

The Swedish Democrats have pointed out Hungary as a clear example of an SD-controlled Sweden. What does that mean? What has happened to democracy and...

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Tuesday, 30.10.18 - LO, Torggata 12, Oslo | Event, News

In Times of Growing Right-Wing Populism – what are effective counter-strategies?

What can be done by progressive parties and unions to reclaim action in these times of growing right-wing populism? We have invited the author of the...

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Friday, 02.03.18 - Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura Nauholsvegur 52, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland | Event

Nobody is an island - Equality in Iceland and in an international context

What kind of equality do we need?

Open Meeting of Samfylkingarinnar, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, PES and Parliamentary Social Democrats in the Nordic...

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Thursday, 15.02.18 - Handelshögskolan, 113 50 Norrmalm, Stockholms Län | Event

Sweden and Germany: Shaping the future of Europe together

Discussion and Mingle:

Where is Europe heading? What are perspectives for a different, a better Europe? And what do Sweden and Germany contribute to...

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Tuesday, 12.12.17 - Arena Idé, Barnhusgatan 4, vån 4 , Stockholm | Event

Breakfast seminar: Government crisis in Germany. What’s next?

Breakfast seminar: Government crisis in Germany. What can the Social Democrats do?

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Tuesday, 21.11.17 - Fafo's conference center, Borggata 2B, Oslo | Event

Future of work: Addressing the challenges of digitalisation

How can the challenges of digitalisation be addressed by the social partners?

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Tuesday, 03.10.17 - Västmannagatan 4, 11124 Stockholm | Event

After Work Seminar: “What happened, why and how?"

After work Seminar: “10 days after the German federal election – What happened, why and how?" Which role did coalition considerations, elections...

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Thursday, 14.09.17 - Västmannagatan 4, 11124 Stockholm | Event

Breakfast Seminar: Merkel forever?

Breakfast Seminar: “10 days before the German federal elections – Merkel forever?”

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