Events Related to Digitalisation and Labour

Tuesday, 21.11.17 - Fafo's conference center, Borggata 2B, Oslo | Event

Future of work: Addressing the challenges of digitalisation

How can the challenges of digitalisation be addressed by the social partners?

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03.05.2017 | Event

Breakfast Seminar: “It’s the economy, stupid”. Economic policy perspectives in Germany in the election year 2017

Germany is heading for election in September this year. What stakeholders around Europe and rest of the world are wondering is what economic policies...

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Friday, 14.10.16 - Reykjavík | Event

The gender blind spot in our digitalized world

We are in the midst of the ongoing debate about the possibilities and challenges facing our societies in the course of digitalization. But little...

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Tuesday, 04.10.16 - Stockholm | Event

Policies for Innovation in Times of Digitalization – Report Release

In cooperation with ArenaIdé.

In today’s debates, innovation policies and especially digitalization are often regarded as mainly technological...

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| Event

Seminar on progressive policy in the digital age

Christian Krell, one of the authors of the study Social Democratic Values in the Digital Society presented the report during this seminar. He was...

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| Event

Conference on the Future of Work in the Era of Digitalization (non-public event)

One-day conference in Berlin which the Nordic Office of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung organized together with the Council of Nordic Trade Unions NFS on...

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