Events Related to Nordics in EU & the Baltic Region

Tuesday, 04.06.19 to Tuesday, 04.06.19 - Goethe-Institut Finland, Salomonkatu 5B Helsinki | Event, News

Presentation and Discussion: A Toolbox for the EU to Safeguard Democracy in Member States

The European Union’s fundamental values have come under pressure in several member states. Recently, EU institutions have shown more commitment to...

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Wednesday, 12.06.19 to Wednesday, 12.06.19 - Under Fontänen, Sergels torg, Stockholm | Event, News

Vad säger européer om migration i sociala medier?

Europa delar en yttre gräns, men debatter och samtal om migration är oftast nationella. I alla EU:s medlemsstater är migration ett viktigt tema inte...

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Friday, 02.03.18 - Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura Nauholsvegur 52, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland | Event

Nobody is an island - Equality in Iceland and in an international context

What kind of equality do we need?

Open Meeting of Samfylkingarinnar, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, PES and Parliamentary Social Democrats in the Nordic...

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Thursday, 15.02.18 - Handelshögskolan, 113 50 Norrmalm, Stockholms Län | Event

Sweden and Germany: Shaping the future of Europe together

Discussion and Mingle:

Where is Europe heading? What are perspectives for a different, a better Europe? And what do Sweden and Germany contribute to...

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Tuesday, 04.07.17 - Cramérgatan, SE-621 57 Visby | Event

Can youth politics save Europe’s Social Democracy?

Young people all over Europe tend to vote more progressive than older generations. Politics is not at all dead for Europe’s youth but something that...

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Tuesday, 09.05.17 - Sandlersalen, ABF-huset, Sveavägen 41 | Event

Ödesval Europa

Ödesval Europa! En eftervalsanalys av resultatet i det franska presidentvalet

som då just är klart: på Europadagen den 9 maj kl 18.00

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Monday, 03.04.17 - Stockholm University, D7, plan 3, D-huset, Södra huset | Event

CANCELLED! Europe's future - Talk with Ann Linde and Michael Roth

Where is Europe heading? What are perspectives for a different, a better Europe? And what do Sweden and Germany contribute to the reflections of the...

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Monday, 03.04.17 | Event

Breakfast seminar: The future of France and the European left

France is heading towards both presidential as well as parliamentary elections this spring, and both elections will surly have a significant impact on...

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| Event

9. International Conference on Baltic Sea Parliamentary Cooperation on Labour Market and Education Policy (non-public event)

Conference in Berlin. Experts from European countries and Russia on Baltic Sea Parliamentary Cooperation. The discussions are supposed to lead to...

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| Event

#EuropeCalling: Politics for Europe

In the light of the financial crisis, the economic crisis and the refugee crisis, Europe seems to be driven apart by these centrifugal forces. What is...

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